I love food!

I won’t lie, I love everything about food.  I love to buy it, I love to cook it, I love to eat it, and I love to talk about it.  I could lose and entire evening looking at recipes online.  Nothing makes me happier than spending a few hours in the kitchen making something new to eat. Late one night a few weeks ago, while googling new recipes, a seed was planted in my mind to write a blog about my food adventures.  Of course in my dreams I have a million followers reading and commenting on my posts…but even if I only have a few, it will still be fun to chronicle my kitchen woes and wonders and have something to look back at many years from now.

I lost my inspiration for awhile last year.  I got busy with school, then busy with a new job, then busy with a different new job.  I struggled to plan meals and make decisions on what to buy for groceries.  Most of the time, I waited until I was too hungry to cook and ended up eating something from Tim Horton’s or Subway or worse–eating chips for supper!  When you’re single and live on your own, you can eat whatever you want and call it a meal!  In January, I decided it was time to get back on track and signed up for a CSA.  A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, gives people access to fresh seasonal produce grown locally.  I signed up for a fruit share and a vegetable share.  Each week the farm delivers to a pickup location only five minutes from my house!  I get a box of fruit and a box of veggies, which is often more than I can even eat in a week.  Since they determine what will be in the shares each week, I don’t have to struggle with deciding what to get for groceries!  It’s always an adventure-I’ve never tried so many new foods and ways of cooking things in my life, but I love it!  All I have to do is find a recipe or cooking instructions online, pick a protein to make with it, and I’m done!  I think it’s safe to say, I’ve found my inspiration back!



Author: shecooksalot

Thirty-something year old originally from Ontario, Canada, in a serious relationship with food. I love making new things in the kitchen- cooking, baking, dehydrating, fermenting, and canning. I try to eat healthy and avoid eating a lot of processed food. I love to make things at home from scratch.

3 thoughts on “I love food!”

  1. Thanks for the visit! I’ve had fun exploring your new blog and love that you’re enjoying your CSA. You’ll find lots of information on TwiceasTasty.com about saving for off-season months some of what you’re receiving in your weekly box, as well as recipes for putting it to use. You should join us on Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/twiceastasty/. Just post what you’ve received in your weekly box, and I and others in the group will happily suggest ideas for using it.

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