I’m on fire!!!

Oh wait, that’s just the triple pepper fermented hot sauce I’m making lol. Although I found a recipe online for it here, I think I shall name my version Triple Threat Hot Sauce. I might actually die when I try it. I breathed in some steam when I was washing the knife after cutting the peppers and I swear I inhaled fire. For my version, I used jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers, and Serrano peppers. I didn’t want to play it safe!

I love experimenting with different fermented foods, so when I realized I could make fermented hot sauce, I had to give it a try. Today I cut up the peppers(heck yeah I wore gloves!!), made the brine, and put everything in a jar. Now I have to wait a few days before I can blend it and taste it.

This is what it looked like in the jar once I added everything. I’ll try to remember to take pics before and after it’s blended and post them too.


365 days of cabbage

Ok, maybe not that many days of cabbage, but I’m beginning to feel like I might never see the end of it.  I received a cabbage in my weekly CSA at least five times already since January…and I still have two cabbages in my fridge!  I can’t keep up with all the cabbage!  I don’t care much for cooked cabbage by itself, so my options are to make cabbage roll casserole, soup, or sauerkraut.  Yesterday, I chose to make a new sauerkraut to accompany the other three jars of kraut in my fridge.  If you think sauerkraut is only good on sausage, think again! I put that #@*% on everything!  So far, I have made a regular sauerkraut, a brussels spout and cabbage kraut, and Fire Kraut.

Yesterday, I made Ginger Beet Kraut.  I had a small purple cabbage in the fridge and half of a green one, so that’s what went into today’s kraut.  I also had a few beets left from my CSA box a few weeks ago, so I got to use one of those as well.  For anyone that’s never made sauerkraut, it’s SO easy!  Cut up your ingredients, add some salt, mix it in with your hands, let it sit half an hour, put it in a jar, wait a few weeks and PRESTO-you have sauerkraut!  The hardest part is waiting a few weeks to taste test it.  Hopefully this batch tastes as good as the Fire Kraut!